What is Conscious Beauty?

What is Conscious Beauty?

When we stop to evaluate our relationship with the world and the impact we want to make on the planet, ignorance isn’t an option. Conscious beauty is about making intentful ethical choices to do good for people and for the environment. The decisions that we make today can impact the earth for years to come. By making conscious choices and educating ourselves we become better consumers. Here at THERAPIE we make a deliberate effort to be mindful of the choices we make about what goes into our products and how we look after this beautiful planet we share. 

Conscious beauty involves everything from the packaging of the product to where the ingredients come from. A conscious product would be sustainable, cruelty free, natural and include no harmful products. This can include anything, from the packaging being biodegradable to a completely vegan product.

How would I become beauty-conscious?

If you are new to the journey of becoming a conscious consumer, you can make a start by reading the ingredients of products and evaluating what you are putting onto your body and back into the planet. In addition, by becoming aware of ingredients that are harmful you can start to make changes in your lifestyle. There are websites and apps that offer support and information about ingredients that are in products. As some companies are now ‘greenwashing’ (using adjectives such as ‘eco’ and ‘natural’ whilst not defining what this means, leaving a confused customer who believes they are being conscious but have actually bought into the mainstream beauty market), education on ingredients is crucial. 

Why is Conscious Beauty more than just a trend?

Conscious Beauty is a lifestyle choice, and a commitment that involves becoming savvy. As awareness of Conscious Beauty grows across the world and becomes more accessible to a wider audience, companies need to take responsibility in being completely transparent, with both ingredients and their message. We believe that as the world's understanding deepens, consumers will start to see Conscious Beauty as an endless flow, not a trend and the choice to make and consume products that are natural and do not harm the earth is one which should be normalised.