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Desktop Rescue - Life Kit


A fragrantly reviving aromatherapy duo to clear away your mental cobwebs. A spirit-lifting combination of THERAPIE’s clarifying Crystal Clear Smelling Salts and our award-winning Restore Aura Spray, which work together beautifully to revive and help give you creative inspiration and a little boost of higher energy creative focus. 

Deep Immersion

This Treatment Kit has been designed to get your creative juices flowing, especially if you feel your inspiration needs a kick start. Start by placing the jar of the Crystal Clear Smelling Salts on your worktable or bedside, taking off the lid and inhaling the aroma (three times), holding the container directly under your nose. With the slightly sharper focus that these smelling salts will bring you, set a clear intention (either out loud or in your head). With the Restore Aura Spray in hand, take a further three deep breaths and with each breath spritz the grounding floral mist in front of you. Before you exhale each time, hold the breath for a count of five to help the aromatherapy molecules get fully absorbed, to calm your thoughts. This lovely combination (of breathing exercises and grounding and nurturing products), work together to help refresh and reset your mind. 

Daily Immersion

If you are stretched for time, but want to benefit from the combined powers of the products within this Treatment Kit, we recommend keeping the two components on your desk and gently inhaling the aromas whenever you need a creative reset.

Crystal Clear Smelling Salts
Restore Aura Spray 30ml


Customer Reviews

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Catherine Tagg

Bought one as a present but felt obligated to buy one for myself to test. Tend to leave the lid off permanently when at my desk. Not bored with the scent yet. Not sure if it is helping shake my post-covid fatigue, but it is a lovely indulgence.