Every founder has a life story to tell, but Michelle Roques-O’Neil has a novel – way too long to go into here, but we’ll give you a swift summary. Therapie was born out of Michelle’s deep wealth of experience – 40 years since you’re asking, and lies at the core of her oils and treatments, all of which are formulated to create mindful rituals to help cope with life’s daily stresses. 

An arrangement of the full THERAPIE apothecary range of wellbeing products

Often called a modern day alchemist, Michelle is holistically gifted having qualified as an aromatherapist – being hailed as one of the top 10 in the world by British Vogue, alongside a Reiki Master, reflexologist and healer. After many years training and teaching within her field of expertise, Michelle developed Therapie, a highly restorative collection. Far from mass produced, each and every product is blended vibrationally and hand-created in small batches at their Portobello Distillery in London. 

Michelle has always worked on a multi-sensory and personal level, believing that making space to feel grounded and in tune with your feelings allows time to reconnect, just be and build an inner support system. What could be more self-empowering? 

 “I blend first aid oils for our souls” Michelle Roques-O’Neil