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Daily Immersion

Daily Immersion

Our lives are a collection of moments in time, built from a microcosm of fragments of habits, beliefs, behaviours, gestures and interactions that we practice every day. Every part of our daily existence contributes to our concept of self and defines our practice of self care. At THERAPIE we believe that it is vital to become conscious of your daily habits and to take a proactive approach to ensuring that wellbeing is built into the fabric of your day. We call this concept ‘Daily Immersion’. 

Daily Immersion is both a philosophy and a practice. The philosophy is that of a mindful and holistic approach to wellbeing by taking ownership of wellness by building a balanced approach to health, rather than cycling through depletion and exhaustion before you realise that you need a little bit of nurturing. The concept comes to life through building in a daily practice of attentively listening to the messages your body and your emotions are bringing you and responding to each of them with nurturing gestures. 

Many of the products within the THERAPIE range have been deliberately designed to fit within the realms of both beauty and wellbeing, to help with a more seamless integration of nurture into your daily regime. The Boost Natural Wash, for example, is an effective all-natural powerful but gentle cleansing agent that helps keep both the body and the hair in great condition but it is so much more than a simple beauty product: within the functional application of ‘washing’, the combination of the aromatherapeutic and healing ingredients are woven in to work their magic of uplifting and restoring vital vibrant energy. Other products within the range break new ground in creating new categories and functions, which can be additions to your daily beauty practice: the Crystal Clear Smelling Salts is designed to sit on your desk and inhaled in a small moment of mindfully-led clarity-seeking in the middle of your day. 

Working alongside the occasional carefully set-aside moments of Deep Immersion, the practice of Daily Immersion can be a powerful way of creating a life of balance, nurture and profound self care.