Invisible Forces

Invisible Forces

Energy medicine is a holistic way of viewing and interacting with the human energy field (which in healing traditions is called the ‘Aura’). Our human body emits and is encircled by many types of energy: light, magnetic, electrical and subtle. Advances in quantum physics have now begun to create a credible framework for energy medicine and pioneers like Albert Einstein discovered that matter was synonymous with energy and therefore our bodies are energy.

'Energy Medicine’ traditions see health and disease as related to the flow and lack of flow of our energy systems. In the Chinese TCM system they call this energy Qi, in Ayurveda it’s Prana. The idea of Qi is that it is “energy on the point of becoming matter”. Without Qi life ends. so the concept is one of the universe being an elaborate and dynamic web of interconnected energy patterns as opposed to the classical idea of defining things in separation (which, philosophically, seems less logical). This means that all living things are charged with this energy.

Reiki, Healing and Therapeutic-Touch are the most common examples of energy medicine and this is done by the Therapist accessing the client’s energy or ‘bio-field’ and ‘transmitting’ this energy to rebalance the body using different techniques. Qi Gong and Therapeutic-Touch practitioners are adept at generating this bio-magnetic field through their hands and there is much collaborative data now to support the idea that the generation and absorption of this energy can accelerate cellular and wound-healing. Acupuncture also taps into this energy but focuses on the internal flow via channels called meridians which relate to different systems in the body.

Plants are also imbued with this ‘life-force’, as are crystals. The life force of a plant can be concentrated into essential oils. When they are combined into ‘synergies’, these powerfully charged molecules are a force for healing via the skin or via breathing (although the latter is not not prescribed or authorised in the UK). The harnessing of these powerful mineral and cellular materials are in turn a profound way to help fortify and sustain our own energy flow.