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Aroma-Resonance Therapie Treatment

Treatment Type:
Aroma-Resonance Therapie

Treatment: 90 mins

Aroma-Resonance combines Aroma - the unique therapeutic potency of essential oils and their multi-faceted efficacy, it makes them able to support on all levels body, mind and beyond. The word resonance can be explained as an exchange created when energy between two bodies comes together or merges. Developed uniquely by Michelle, it works to balance energy in the body integrating her knowledge and experience of aromatherapy and energy healing. Energy naturally flows through the body, however sometimes life challenges and negative emotions can create blockages that impede the flow, creating dissonance and sometimes resulting in health problems.

Michelle creates a bespoke experience for everyone with each session comprising talk, breathwork, bodywork, face therapy and energy healing. Her gift for touch is self-evident and legendary and she uses this to balance the autonomic nervous system via the spinal nerves. Her knowledge of reflexology helps treat the foot reflexes and she will anoint specific essential oils to enhance vibrational balance. The rest of the treatment works with vibrational oils, visualization, and sound. Full resonance is achieved with sound therapy using singing bowls and tuning forks, this helps to ground and clear the energy field. These methods work collectively to align the body and cranial flow to facilitate a deep state of relaxation.


Treatments are based at the Folly Mews Therapie Sanctuary:
4 Folly Mews
223a Portobello Road
W11 1LU

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