Refills In partnership with On Repeat

We all know the impact packaging has on the planet, and of that a huge portion comes from the beauty industry. We strive to always put our best foot forwards and look after the incredible planet we have been given, which is why we offer 100% compostable refills of our products. Our refills are composed of two parts, an inner compostable pouch made from a cellulose and biopolymer composite and an outer cardboard wallet, to help with the easy decant of your product. The cardboard used has both FSC and PEFC certification, and is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. 


When you place your refill order, it gets filled by hand for you that same day. You will receive it in the post 24-48 hours later, and should decant your refill within 5 days of receiving it. Once you’ve filled into your existing bottle or jar, simply separate the pouch and wallet, rinse out the inner pouch and place in your garden waste or home compost. 

The compostable film is industrially compostable in 12-weeks and will break down in home compost conditions in around 32-weeks. The cardboard wallet can be recycled or composted. From all of us here at THERAPIE LIFE, we thank you for choosing to reuse and refill your favourite products. Every little helps! 

In partnership with On Repeat.