Out of whack. Below par. Under the weather. When were out of balance we feel it. Our joie de vivre goes missing in action, leading to a loss of purpose and inspiration. Its like the lights have dimmed. We function like human computers. Our mind, body and spirit download our holistic data and feeds it back to us. If were malfunctioning it can present itself in all sorts of bodily glitches – a lower backache, a mouth ulcer… and if these minor disturbances arent decoded and nurtured, another level of inflammation can arise. 

But lets not dwell on the negative. There are so many positives we can actively engage in when it comes to our own self-care and healing rituals with our highly functional blends. We believe our Wellness Colour Wheel is your kick-start guide to a powerful self-care system to strengthen mind, body and spirit. We like to call it second aid for the soulful. 

The landscape of our lives is ever changing. Learning to flow with it is essential

Michelle Roques-ONeil