Bath Therapie

Bath Therapie

Bath & Shower ritual to balance and nourish.

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Power Red: to invigorate and nourish

Think of the body as an earthly vehicle that needs tuning, just like a car. The fundamentals required

for a smooth running engine are good sleep hygiene, a robust immune system and a balanced nervous system. 

Body Therapie

Body Therapie

Body rituals to cleanse and nourish.
Book Treatments @ Folly Mews

Book Treatments @ Folly Mews

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Gift Sets & Travel Size

Gift Sets & Travel Size

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Our carefully constructed THERAPIE Life Kits have been designed by Michelle Roques-O'Neil, each containing a selection of products that work in synergy to both support and inspire your self care practice. These elegantly packaged (and very giftable) kit boxes each contain instructions for an easy Daily Immersion practice as well as a more structured Deep Immersion ritual. 

Inner Light Micro-Retreats

Inner Light Micro-Retreats

Hello, Therapie Angels

I’m thrilled to tell you about a new and exciting Therapie Life experience. I've been looking to see how to make my one-to-one sessions into a nourishing group experience. To this end, I am delighted to announce our new Therapie Inner Light retreat series. I've been planning on launching this series for a while. In our time-poor world, these retreats create a micro-moment to step out of the noise and genuinely expand and leave revived.

You can easily be sucked into a negative mindset, especially in light of all the turbulence and financial gloom we are currently surrounded by; for this reason, more than ever, it's essential that we take time to strengthen our inner resources. Likewise, it's crucial to invest in and maintain your inner resilience.
Each micro-retreat is a small intimate group experience held in a tranquil sanctuary to explore, learn, understand and recalibrate. Each month there will be a different focus and Therapie Life tools to support; these are included in the price. And I will guide you through self-care techniques, meditations, a sound bath and exercises that teach you how to temper your anxieties and gain new perspectives whilst cultivating self-resilience. 

Something magical occurs when a group comes together with a shared intention. Each theme builds on the other; these themes are very relevant and work in response to the sense I have of what people need to help them navigate the ever-changing and challenging landscape we inhabit. We will run four sessions a month, two in the middle of the week and two at the weekend; classes are small and intimate, with only 8 participants. 

We’ve showcased the retreat to press this November and the response has been incredibly positive, with participants surprised that this short injection of nurture created a profound lift. We will kick this off in January with the first of five titled "Gifts & Blessings, release the old and set new intentions." An overview of each retreat will go live in December. As places are limited, I recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. 

I can’t wait to welcome you to unwind, relax and reset the tempo of your life.


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Instant Therapie

Instant Therapie

Instant ritual for home and work.


It's February 14th again, and LOVE is in the air! Did you know that 1+4 = 5 ? In numerological terms, 1 = spirit, 4 = karma and 5 = emotional freedom; in other words, transformation of earthly burdens spurred by spirit and expressing your heart's desire. If there is someone that you've wanted to tell how much you care, then this is the perfect moment. Whether it's devotion, infatuation, unconditional, ardent, secret, affectionate or constant, now is the time to express your heartfelt feelings. At Therapie, we express our LOVE through the products we craft, to curate a selection that exudes a liberated aura of passion.


Vital Yellow: to revive and refocus

When you calm down the inner chatter, this can lead to feeling more present and revived. We all need good mental wellness to support balanced energy to regulate the nervous system. 


Resilient Green: to balance and centre

This is the beating heart of total well-being, taking time out for oneself to regain your inner compass. A time for self-love, compassion and the purging of outmoded beliefs and finding faith in ourselves.


Radiant Orange: to reset and resolve
We all know that feeling when you've burnt the candle at both ends. We feel frazzled and out of kilter and need to reset our bodies and mind.  


Celestial Purple: to unite and clarify

Fragmented energy can give rise to a feeling of vulnerability. Take a moment to ground frenetic energy, feel connected and focus the mind by supporting hormonal harmony and a balanced nervous system.

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