By the Light of the silvery moon.

By the Light of the silvery moon.

Luna, you are the mysterious; your incandescent light waves glimmer in the darkness, casting shadows across the Earth, and your energy magnetically synchronises the ebb and flow of the seas and fluids of our bodies. 

Let's talk about astrology, specifically birth charts; this is a snapshot of the position of the planets on the day, time and location of your birth and how they affect you at the precise moment of your birth, not the generic character definition via your birth sign (this is only one piece of a map), found in popular print. Your birth chart is your bespoke celestial map; there's only one you.  

Interestingly, astrologers feel the Moon is one of the most important planets in our astrological chart. Why is this? Because your Moon sign indicates the motives of your inner world, your innermost workings and emotional mechanics, the hidden beneath-the-surface stuff that shows the deeper underlying nuances of how you process life's challenges.

A few nights ago, we had a new moon in Leo (for the uninitiated, each phase of the Moon offers different prospects, some favourable, some not.). It was a particularly potent new moon where three planets aligned, the Sun (power), Earth (grounding), and Uranus (change), in the sign of Leo, creating a powerful energy combination for manifesting called Lions Gate. 

There are eight moon phases, and it's calculated by how many degrees, counter-clockwise, the Moon is from the Sun at your birth. New Moon, first quarter, full Moon and last quarter and the secondary phases refer to the size and shape as waxing crescent, waxing gibbous, waning crescent, waning gibbous. The waxing of the Moon relates to the growing size of the Moon, and the waning refers to the shrinking of the Moon. How do these phases relate to you? In astrological terms, your Moon will be in one of these phases at birth and captures the emotional tone of your life. 

A new moon signifies a good time for setting intentions or planting new seeds over the next 14 days.; as the moon waxes, take stock of the journey, adjusting as needed to keep things on course. As we reach the full Moon, we celebrate the fruits of our labour and release what is no longer helpful (this can often be an ah-ha moment or the completion of something). As the Moon starts to wane, we begin a process of inward preparation and reflection for new visions, ideas and hopes in time to plant these new seeds on the new Moon.

When we tap into the Moon's energy cycles, we connect with healing, intuition and renewal; we become more aware of our body's rhythm and patterns.

Map of the phases

New Moon - you have a blank slate and you can manifest what you imagine.


Time to pause, think of the New Moon as a time to reflect inwardly, tap into your deepest heartfelt desires, explore inner yearnings in relationships, work for yourself and perhaps journal.

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Waxing Moon


Time to get in motion is the theme to ensure your intentions are nurtured and kept on track as the Moon begins to ripen. Do this by writing down your intentions and checking in with them daily to see your progress.

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Waxing crescent Moon - initial stage carries a youthful naivety, always follow your curiosity like an arrow as synchronicity is on your side.

First Quarter Moon - mid-stage, you are tenacious and know how to rise against challenges from people or circumstances.

Waxing Gibbous Moon - final stage, has a bright, optimistic attitude full of anticipation, constantly refining their craft with good humour.

Full Moon - every day is new, and each day is a new adventure; these individuals are born ready.


Time to savour your life is the theme; there's nothing like a full moon to do this. This time of fruition is powerful; show gratitude for what you have and create rituals that celebrate you and the big and small things you're grateful for; book a massage, plan a full moon dinner party with close friends or a hike to somewhere beautiful. Recognise the creativity of your accomplishments and release what isn't in alignment with your path.

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Waning Moon Stages


Just let go is the theme, and find your balance point staying resolved and true to your path. Use the phase where the Moon is ebbing toward darkness again to refine your dreams, take time to understand where you're going, complete anything that's still unfinished to foster inner resilience and fortitude for the next cycle.

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Waning Gibbous Moon Stage 1 -  You have the qualities of a mentor, are confident in your self-worth, and are comfortable sharing your wisdom.

Last Quarter Moon Stage 2 - is less action, more sifting through the complex layers and internal pressures and the courage to let go and forgive.

Waning Crescent Moon Stage 3: unafraid of the dark, can often be fascinated by the supernatural, things coming to an end, the promise, peace and regeneration.