Fighting Fifty reviews THERAPIE Inner Light Micro-Retreats with Michelle Roques-O’Neil

Fighting Fifty reviews THERAPIE Inner Light Micro-Retreats with Michelle Roques-O’Neil

Therapie Life Micro-Retreats – the antidote to a stressful lifestyle

Micro-Retreats are the perfect way to help cope with the stresses of modern day living.

There’s no doubt the past three years have been stressful. A global pandemic, economic energy crisis and the cost of living crisis, it’s enough to stress anyone, and that’s before you add any personal problems!

Finding a way to combat the stress of everyday life, as well as my own personal challenges, is on the top of my agenda for 2023. So, it was perfect timing when I heard Michelle Roques-O’Neil, holistic therapist, and founder of Therapie, was launching a series of Inner Light Micro-Retreats, in the heart of Notting Hill, London.

Michelle Roques-O’Neil, Holistic Therapist, Alchemist and Aromatherapist

Along with being a holistic therapist, Michelle is a Reiki Master, reflexologist and aromatherapist. With her uncanny insight into the human condition, Michelle is perfectly qualified to share her forty years’ experience and to give us the tools we need to cope with a stressful life.

To fully understand what the Therapie Life Inner Light Micro-Retreats have to offer, I was invited to Michelle’s Folly Mews Sanctuary to experience one for myself.

What to expect from an Inner Light Micro-Retreat with Michelle Roques-O’Neil

As soon as you step through the door from London’s fashionable Portobello Road and into Folly Mews, there’s a shift in atmosphere. A sense of calm and tranquillity sets you up to climb the spiral staircase to Michelle’s haven at the top.

I sat comfortably grounded on the floor with several other like-minded people. We drank warm tea and inhaled the beautiful aroma of Therapie products in the air. Michelle started by calmy and gently bringing everyone into the group by asking you to share who you are and a little about yourself. This immediately puts everyone at ease before Michelle then takes you through guided meditation, breathing techniques and a sound bath. She teaches you many different self-care techniques, such as journaling, that will help you recalibrate and recharge your life.

These learnings are life affirming and can be quite emotional, be prepared to take a long inner look at yourself and the way you live your life.

Each group session lasts 90 minutes where you learn many skills needed for self-resilience. Michelle also teaches you how Therapie products can be incorporated into your daily self-care routine. You take a selection away with you to carry on your treatment at home.

I went from stressed out to calm and collected in such a short space of time. Listening to Michelle Roques-O’Neil’s voice is therapy itself. Having never been able to meditate, I found myself immersed in group meditation, allowing my mind to relax and calm. For me, this was a huge achievement as I sometimes find it impossible to slow my mind and to switch off from everyday pressures.

You lose sense of time while you are in Michelle’s presence but when you emerge back onto the streets of London, you walk taller, with a sense of calm and the ability to be able to take yourself back to that place in your mind. It’s a wonderful skill set to have for the start of a new year. I have discovered that I can control my stress levels better and now have tools to take me away from the cause of my anxiety and rebalance my mind. These are such valuable life skills.

Michelle Roques-O’Neil Inner Light Micro-Retreats

Each month Michelle Roques-O’Neil will hold four sessions of Micro-Retreats with different themes appropriate to the time of year. January – Gifts and Blessings, release the old and set new intentions. February – Cultivating Inner Strength and Resilience. March – Awakening to New Perspectives. Check the website as the months progress. The Micro-Retreats build on themselves, but you can just choose one appropriate session.

Each Inner Light Micro-Retreat costs £95.00 which includes selected Therapie products for you to take home.

Michelle Roques-O’Neil Inner Light Micro Retreats are restricted to 8 people per session and bound to be booked quickly. Head straight to her website TherapieLife – Micro-Retreats for more details.

My own Inner Light Micro-Retreat was kindly gifted by Michelle – with thanks, gratitude and love.