How to stay grounded when the world is spinning

How to stay grounded when the world is spinning

There's so much going on currently; mixed messaging, political instability, myriad statistics and life choices to process. Add global warming to the mix and financial uncertainty or the debate on the ethics of AI; collectively, there is a lot to wade through. The critical question is how much and for how long do you immerse yourself in it. Indeed, staying abreast of life events and advances is necessary, but only enough to get a sense of events rather than a total immersion. Remember, media is a repetitive beast; soon, the words become your mantra, slowly eroding your sense of equilibrium.

With Burn Out rising globally, we face a new pandemic; demographics suggest Gen Z and Millennials are particularly susceptible, as are women. Contributing factors range from uncertainty about the future, job prospects, student debt, climate change and juggling finances. Symptoms range from post covid lethargy, anxiety, worry, exhaustion, insomnia and depression, pretty universal issues that many are coping to stay abreast of.

Here are a few ways to support your flagging energy levels while helping you stay grounded. Much of it revolves around self-awareness and how much your experience relates to your mindset. Try to declutter your thoughts, live your life with clear intentions, and avoid getting trapped in the details of the rat race and consumerism. Instead, make time daily to tune into yourself, whether writing morning pages to release a build-up of unwanted thoughts, fears, and emotions, breathwork to regulate your vagus nerve and nervous system and meditation to help you connect with your heart and open yourself to new perspectives.

Self-care is another part of this, eating in a way that nourishes you, small and regular when you feel tired and low. Try bone broths or soups made with grounding root vegetables like sweet potato, grains like brown rice and quinoa and pulses like lentils and chickpeas. Reduce refined and unrefined sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Vegetable juices are a quick way to get essential nutrients that are easily digestible. Reducing adrenal fatigue and cortisol levels is crucial, good sleep is vital, and last but not least, move your body regularly, take a short walk or a little dance, gently increasing intensity incrementally.

The universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you already are.