Nirvana Blue: to restore and ignite inner vitality.

Our spirit encompasses our mood, morale and energy. When we become run down or sleep deprived, we lose our sense of possibility, our passion and perspective can be confused, and our life force is diminished. 

Therapie Gift Cards

Therapie Gift Cards

Therapie Life Collections

At THERAPIE Life, we've put a lot of thought into best ways to support you; our travel sizes are generous and affordable to create a mini regime at home or on your holiday or perhaps, a thoughtful pick-me-up for someone who needs a bit of a lift. 

In the same way, our collection of gift sets each handpicked by our founder, choosing the best combination of Therapie life products to help you tackle everyday issues such as stress, sleep, tiredness, focus and resilience. Exquisitely packaged, they make great gifts that offer truly nourishing self-care. 

Travel Size

Travel Size

Travel Sizes


Compassionate Pink: to unify body, mind and spirit

The human hub that gathers all the body's energies together to nourish and nurture our whole being. When we need inner fortification and the strength to see the light at the end of the tunnel.