Mum's the word!

Mum's the word!

Did you know Mothering Sunday has always fallen in the 3rd week of Lent, offering a day of respite in the 40-day fast that precedes Easter? It’s a celebration of the Mother Mary and the church. Dig a little deeper and Mother's Day dates as far back as 250 BC, when ancient Greek goddess Rhea, the Mother of all Gods and Goddesses, was celebrated with festivals every spring and the for the Romans, the Mother Goddess Cybel every March.

Spin forward, and the Goddesses are now Mums from every walk of life, a day to celebrate their lives and their fortitude; alive or in spirit, their legacy continues. I was watching the Oscars the other night, and Michelle Yeo said, "without Mums, none of us would be here," In the literal sense, we wouldn't. Deciding to have a child takes a lot of courage; it's immense, as is the dedication and unconditional love it requires through thick and thin.

My Mother arrived in the UK as a widow with two children in tow at the age of 32, which of course, is so young, as I realised when I had my son Louis at the same age and I fully understand how overwhelming it all must have been for her. She fell pregnant at 22 years old....I was so raw at 22 that I could barely keep up with day-to-day life, let alone have children. Of course, some women take to Motherhood effortlessly; I wasn't one of those. Although I loved being a Mum, it took a big adjustment whilst learning to let go of my former self.

Traditionally carnations are the flower for Mother's day, pink for a mother's pure everlasting love, and red for love and affection. In Japan, a white carnation is pinned to a dress or coat to symbolise a mother who is in spirit. Tulips offer a great alternative and are in season. They represent perfect love, and each colour relates to the message you want to send.

Pink tulips represent affection, good wishes and health.

Purple tulips represent elegance and royalty, making it an excellent choice for your mother-in-law.

Orange and Yellow tulips symbolise happiness, joy and hope.