'Tis time to wake from dream time

'Tis time to wake from dream time

As the heavy cloak of winter gently lifts (though you might not believe it!) and coaxes you out of hibernation, snuggling up in your duvet feels better. But with gentleness, like the great bear who sleeps in the north direction (Native American mythology) in dream time stirs, it will soon be time to wake up, write down your dreams, and begin a new journey. 

Before doing this, let's gently shake off our winter grey; this doesn't have to be too intense, and seasonal changes indicate the way forward. Did you know Spring relates to the wood element in the five-element system, which influences the liver and gallbladder? So a gentle Spring Clean might be on the cards. Here's a list of simple practices you can employ. 

 Let's get started…..

Get your internal fire started with a shot of orange, ginger, lemon, and turmeric juice; try making a batch and freeze in a cube mould; use one cube and dilute with hot water and raw honey to kick start your day. 

Here's a lovely recipe from the www.minimalistbaker.com:

1 small orange; 2 small lemons; 1/4 cup chopped fresh turmeric; 1/4 cup chopped fresh ginger; 1/8 tsp fresh black pepper.

Morning shake out: find the most uplifting track you can (a happy one) and get your body shaking for 5 minutes, arms and shoulders, then bounce on your toes. This has a fantastic benefit for your whole body.

Grab your body brush and add some dry body brushing to your morning ritual; with so many benefits, symbolically sloughing off the old and generally bringing a fresh tingle and glow to your body feels fantastic.

Make a liver cleansing juice daily, take two celery sticks, one carrot, half a beetroot, half a sour apple, a bunch of parsley and half a cucumber. This will give your sluggish liver a much-needed boost and banish irritability and sluggishness.

Draw a circle on a blank sheet of paper, write a list of everything that feels negative in your life right now and place it outside of the circle; look at each one and ask yourself if there is a way to change any of these into a positive. If so, work out what steps you can take to initiate this. All positives go inside the circle; these are the friends, relationships, practices, talents, activities and dreams you want to cultivate or draw into your life.

Spring Clean your bedroom, open the windows wide, put on some inspiring music from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Strip the bed, air your mattress and sort out your wardrobe (start a charity bag with stuff you no longer need). Next, change your bed linen. Once done, why not smudge the space using Palo Santo wood, White sage, or incense. Just walk clockwise around the room three times, paying attention to dead areas while letting the fragrant aroma

33clear the atmosphere.