Its never too late!

Its never too late!

Life moves in mysterious ways sometimes, doesn't it?

A few weeks ago, a client posted a reel announcing she was pregnant at 46 and that we had worked together first with her daughter and then now. When training under Micheline Arcier, part of the treatment repertoire included pregnancy. I enjoyed giving this treatment and adored the nurturing aspect of it and also problem solving when things didn’t go to plan and how to ensure success. 

I supported many women over this time and learnt a lot about the many emotional and physical highs and lows encountered both in pre-conception and during pregnancy. Over time, I found myself working more specifically with fertility and the myriad of internal and external stressors that inhibit the best outcome. 

Many career women become aware of their diminishing fertility window and panic, trying to factor conception into their already busy schedules. This can often carry odds that work against them if they hit the ground running without preparation, which can often lead to disappointment.

For me, making the body receptive to conception is paramount. It's simple, it just takes two, doesn't it? However, subtle internal and external problems can often be at play, that are not easily identifiable from a pragmatic perspective. It is usually a combination of physical, psychological,  and energetic factors such as adrenal burnout, emotional trauma, exhaustion, pre-existing hormonal issues, fitness or perhaps toxicity.

My starting point with natural fertility support is cleansing, then healing and finally fortifying. This means postponing plans for fertility tests and IVF for about 3-4 months while I work to balance and align all energy systems and release energetic blocks. The medical view around fertility requires a lot of invasive tests. Clients often arrive emotionally exhausted, sad, frustrated and hopeless. This is what one of my clients said,  “She (Michelle) looks at your body like a farmer would a new field. Is there rocky ground, choking weeds, and is the soil deficient in nutrients? A seed will not flourish if your health system or support system is blocked, and Michelle quickly finds the source or sources causing this and works through them with you, drawing from her smorgasbord of multi-disciplinary therapies”. Each session feels different; they're very tailored to you and what you need on the day. 

Though I have a protocol, my work is very intuitive, and when something crops up, I respond, it arises because it's ready to be healed or cleared. This can be an emotional issue, creating a block in the natural energy flow. Often, my clients set out to do IVF but end up conceiving naturally. In many cases, I work with their partner as well. 

It's important to remember that welcoming a new soul into your care is an honour and a responsibility. Therefore, both parties need to be in harmony with each other. Within the healing phase, I work a lot with Reiki (I have been a Reiki Master for 20 years). One of my abilities is to clear inherited patterns; these energies can be passed down through generations and can be very disruptive. Sound can also help to clear blockages and soothe the nervous system.

I aim to create the best energetic and physical environment to conceive in. So far, there have been quite a few successes, which is a blessing.

If any of the above resonates with you, and if you have started or are about to embark on this journey and need some support, you can contact me via email at or the office at 0203 161 6922.