An Ode to Mother Nature

An Ode to Mother Nature

We are the moon, we are the sun, we are the earth, we are the sea. We are the seeds of potential carried on the wind and buried deep beneath the earth. 

We are the roots that anchor, the moss that permeates and the grass that grounds; the branches, stems, and leaves that connect and circulate. We are the ethereal scent of flowers that touch the soul and lure insects that fertilise, signalling ovaries to ripen into fruit, the peel is full of zest, and the fruit is full of vitality.  

We are the sacred pines and firs that cling to the mountains, the scented heartwood of the tall tree that aligns our hearts, and the ancient trees that are tapped and weep tears of sanctifying resins. 

We are the mysterious scents of earth, the sacred alchemy of life. Our vibration enhances yours, and in partnership, each has a frequency combining to create an earthly resonance. Dissonance only occurs when we are out of alignment, let us stroke you back into balance again.

The cornucopia of earthly gifts that is aromatherapy, a sublime art.