New Year, New you, Love is the Antidote

New Year, New you, Love is the Antidote

A New Year has arrived, one with more promise than the last and there are a lot of wonderful omens that herald us into 2024. So often, the beginning of our year tends to be filled with resolutions and expectations; here is some insight into your personal focus from a numerological perspective to help temper and focus your intention. 

This year we go in with a more intuition led sense of intention with the self waving goodbye to any notions of perfection and optimisation. January is the time to check into what makes you happy and content, the rest is all noise. Our self care should feel good, so find routines that make you feel good from inside out with a close connection with your heart, call it self care with fewer rules and more joy. 

2024 is a number 8 year. Numerologically speaking, it represents power, determination, and strength. It's also a profoundly spiritual number that works with the universal law of "as above and below". In a nutshell, start applying the spiritual insights you've gained through self work and experience into your daily life and connect more profoundly to your true, authentic self. Take time to reflect on the seeds you've been sowing, your dreams and visions. This might draw you closer to a new sense of self and purpose. 

If you'd like to determine your Personal year number for 2024, do this.

  • Add your birthdate together with the number 8, which is the number of this year 
  • 2+9+4+1+9+8+5 (29/04/1985) = 38 = 3+8+8 =19, reduce 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 =1
  • In this instance, the personal year number is 1.

Personal Year 1 - is the number of new concepts and beginnings. This year is a fresh start. Be prepared for many new beginnings and start fresh this year, whether it's a new attitude, location, job, hobby or relationship; this year presents you with a blank canvas to paint with whatever colours you choose. See yourself as a powerful co-creator, so align and use this fresh start to plot a new life direction. It's definitely not a time to look backwards, only forwards.

Personal Year 2 - is about choice and inner beliefs. This is a new year to keep building on what you began last year, nurturing the seeds you planted last year. Don't be daunted. Learn to ask for support and help from friends and mentors; learn to reach out and make solid, trustworthy friends and partners; this will be a repeated lesson for you, melting away the walls you have previously built.

Personal Year 3 - is the number of creativity. This is a year for speaking your truth and putting yourself out there; if you have insights, wisdom, or a story to tell make your voice strong and clear. Consider how you can share your knowledge and understanding with the world and learn to foster connections and community. Balance between your mind, body, and spirit is essential; try to factor this in through routines that support this.

Personal Year 4 - is the number of structure and bringing ideas into the physical plane. Discipline and good organisation are essential; keeping your energy grounded and rooted in the present will serve you well. Build your confidence, see it as your super power. This year, you’re  going to need structure and order; invest in a planner or diary. Along with order in your day to day begin to tune into your inner feelings around security and stability. Most of all create a routine that's easy and fun to stick to and isn't too arduous.

Personal Year 5 - is the number of emotional freedom. Have you felt stuck and need more purpose? 2024 is the year to set your intention, become more adventurous and go after what you want. You may have some big decisions to make. Review what aspects of your life have kept you stuck or in a rut; thinking outside the box will help to shake you free.

Personal Year 6 - is the number of life force. Slow down, tune in, stop pushing yourself and look at what may be driving you. We all have flaws, so self-acceptance is crucial and will help soften heartaches and held emotions that have weighed you down. This is the year to free yourself of these burdens by learning to acknowledge with kindness and compassion who you are, warts and all. Learn to Love yourself. 

Personal Year 7- is the number spirit in action. This will be a transformative auspicious year. Observation is vital as many of the people you meet will mirror your own internal feelings, even the difficult, challenging ones; try thinking of them as reflecting or teaching you what you need to learn. Relationships and partnerships will be very meaningful.

Personal Year 8 - is the number of bringing above (spirit) so below (to earth). You are aligned with this year's energy, and themes of harmony will offer opportunities to transform and awaken. Think cocoons and butterflies; regeneration is vital, and you may find yourself letting go of things sometimes and learning to trust; things may often feel fragile and might crumble, but remember it will transform and give birth to something bigger. Abundance and prosperity surround you, so it's an excellent time to focus on wealth and finances.

Personal Year 9 - is the completion of a cycle. Every journey has a beginning, middle and end. You have come to the end of a big cycle and before you step firmly into the new, it's important to celebrate your journey and see just how far you've come. It's been a challenging 9-year cycle; acknowledge the trials and hurdles and how much insight and strength you've gained. You have finally reached the summit, so enjoy the view!