Calling all Earthlings

Calling all Earthlings
We have one Earth to share not just with ourselves but the animals, birds, insects and fishes, as well as the habitats we live in. I was first introduced to rewilding when I attended a retreat at Broughton Hall, the home of Roger Tempest and his stately home hotel, it's a nature sanctuary and spiritual retreat. He is a proper custodian and eco-warrior with a passion for rewilding, defined as "The large scale restoration of ecosystems to a point where nature is allowed to take care of itself"

Our Earth is in serious need of healing, and this is where rewilding comes in; rewilding is restoring ecosystems with enough space and respect to allow nature to drive the changes and shape the living systems on which we all depend. 

But how did humanity come to regard themselves as superior or above nature? When did this disconnect occur? During the middle ages, western Europeans held a unified perception of the universe, seeing themselves as part of the seen and unseen where God connected them to heaven and nature to Earth.

With the decline of feudal societies and cities' growth, the church believed heaven to be outside nature rather than an ally; it became an enemy to be overcome, conquered, manipulated and exploited. As the philosophy of science progressed, it based itself on the belief that humans were separate from nature and the world as a machine to be dismantled and manipulated. 

We are now at a tipping point where we have indiscriminately mined, fracked, deforested and poisoned the natural world in the name of progress and consumerism. Simply putting the current climatic anomalies down to climate change and merely carrying on in the same ways we always have is no longer an option. We are not the victims; no matter your stance, we are as much the perpetrators by accepting the unacceptable, allowing a sense of impotence against the governing powers.

At Therapie Life, we have worked hard to minimise our impact, consciously offering biodegradable refills, sourcing and supporting UK suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint (still work in progress) - we are also looking at more sustainable ways to work with our materials as global instability affects supply and drive up prices. Therapie Life is a stabilising lifeline that balances and heals. We have kept our prices unchanged over an extraordinarily volatile and uncertain period.