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April Showers

April Showers

April blows in, changeable and colourful with wind, rain and sunshine all in a day. April is named by the Greeks, after the Goddess Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Fertility and is one of the few months not to have a Roman name. Flowers of this month are Daisies and Sweet peas, which capture the playfulness and passion of the month. 

Aries and Taurus are the two birth signs that straddle April; the transition happens around the 21st of the month, and both are potent presences. However, the big astrological highlight of the month is on the 20th, when there is a total solar eclipse in Aries and one month exactly since we had our first new moon in Aries of 2023. It actually happens a day before Mercury goes into retrograde. 

So what does this mean precisely? First, this solar eclipse allows us to reflect on our intentions set on the new moon and the beginning of the Astrological new year. Then, reviewing our current circumstances, we can revise and adjust accordingly. Although Mercury is retrograde, it might be a perfect moment to stop and reflect.

The month's colours are red, white and yellow, each offering support in different ways; you could either accessorise yourself or your room to reflect this. White, for example, creates calm and clarity, symbolising the purity and positivity found in Crystal Clear. Yellow brings sunshine, a colour of happiness and friendship, evoking optimism as it can aid mental focus like the Therapie Life Energy Drops. Finally, the colour red is often associated with vitality, nurture, stability and love, just like Comfort Warming Rub.