A Winters’ Tale

A Winters’ Tale

It's December and the final chapter of our 2023 journey; the Christmas count down begins, and so often, a crazy rush follows. It may be time to temper the indulgence this year with some restraint. 

We are in the middle of Sagittarius season, and with so much confusion and uncertainty in the world, a little faith and tolerance is needed. Try sitting quietly each day for 15 minutes to tune into your reflective, wise elder energy, and make some intuitive decisions about your life direction and how to ground it into a plan with a clear vision of how you will reach the summit. 

We also have the Winter solstice on December 21, where we gently fall into the darkest days of the season, the most yin time of the year, winter; consciously make this a time to replenish and strengthen yourself. Try making a little plan to focus and make time for a passion project, a craft, puzzle, painting, mandala colouring book, or testing out some nourishing healing recipes.

Take it slow and steady, surrounding yourself with these nourishing activities that reflect your garnered wisdom, and use the meditative quiet to review and be kind to yourself, putting right things that didn't go so well, tasks, projects or people. Get your notebook out and review. What did you learn from these experiences? Make a list and write down what you could do better. 

Remember, our failures often teach us so much, taking time to extract the essence from these life lessons is so powerful.  

Here are some tips for dealing with the highs and lows as they come up.💛

If you feel sad, first acknowledge your feelings and then move your body; movement releases endorphins, so... dance, shake, run or walk.

If you feel insecure, write down your strengths. Did you know logical thinking overrides the limbic system? (Works on emotions, memories and arousal).

If you feel stressed, do a psychological sigh, two inhales, and a deep exhale; this also links to an acupuncture point that opens the lungs, exhale with a haaaaa. (try inhaling Therapie Life Energy Drops).

If you lose focus, look at a spot on the screen for 1 minute; pupillary conversion helps increase focus. (Try inhaling Therapie Life Crystal Clear Smelling Salts).

If you feel angry, and can't think clearly, look out of a window and don't look at anything, expanding your gaze blunts the secretion of noradrenaline.

If you feel anxious, go for a short walk; this deactivates the amygdala (which works on emotional control).