Blissful Slumber - Life Kit


Blissful sleep is something we all crave. In an over-stimulated world we easily lose our sense of flow and can become out of tune. So much happens to restore vital energy the natural harmony of our body and mind when we are asleep. Containing our award-winning Himalayan Detox Salts, Slumber Pillow Spray and Sleep Drops, this Blissful Slumber Treatment Kit helps to restore your the depth and quality of your sleep.  


Ideally carried out at the end of the day, the Blissful Slumber Treatment opens with a warm bath into which you have dissolved a generous handful of the Himalayan Detox Salts. It's important that the bath isn't too hot as water that is too hot can have a stress-inducing effect on the body. When you are immersed in the Himalayan Salt Bath, take five deep breaths in and out, allowing the aromatherapy scents to induce a sense of calm. After you have bathed from ten to fifteen minutes you may feel a slight prickling-sensation in the skin, which means that the salts have been activated - this is the moment to get out and prepare for a gentle rest. Massage the Sleep Drops into your feet before spritzing a quick mist of Slumber Pillow Spray onto your bedding. Enjoy a blissful sleep! 

If you are stretched for time, but want to benefit from the combined powers of the products within this Treatment Kit, we recommend following the DAILY IMMERSION rituals for each of the individual components:


2 x Himalayan Detox Salts 100g
Slumber Pillow Spray 30ml
Sleep Drops 10ml

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