As April surges forward, we find ourselves bathing in a new energy. The spring vernal equinox, where the time between day and night are equal, announced a re-balancing of the Yin and Yang of Shiva and Shakti. Coming out of winter can be challenging, so giving yourself a chance to find your balance point is essential and all new action can come from a place of self-love. Now, could you find time to put yourself first, to love yourself unconditionally, putting all the expectations aside and, of course, the elephant in the corner ...did you guess? Yup, it's FEAR, survival. Instead, let's sink into the heart and breathe in the new.

A new moon swiftly followed the equinox and unleashed Aries's energy; we really need it at the moment to shake off the lethargy of the last few months. This new balance of Masculine and Feminine energies work at a higher frequency and in collaboration, with a mutual acknowledgement of each other's value which brings both qualities into balance. For you, this means acknowledging whether your inner masculine and feminine are in resonance or dissonance.

Make way for a new way.... a new age, as the values of the new Masculine honours the Feminine who is enriched with clear knowing, providing a driving force that supports her expression in all ways. And like the Tao, they are two rivers intertwined, in constant flow with each other.

Take time to reflect on the seeds you wish to sow in your heart, reflecting quietly, first with the breath and then connecting deep into the heart centre and invite healing in.

Heart meditation

Start with I Am - breathing in I and out AM. 

Do this for 60 second (about 10 repetitions)

Next, LOVE is your mantra; repeat it for 60 seconds.

And now JOY, repeat for the next 60 seconds.

Last but not least, I AM ENOUGH for 60 seconds.


Spring Clean

For a gentle liver cleanse, soak 6 raisins in the juice of one lemon overnight and take each morning with a cup of hot water. Get your skin brush out or your favourite exfoliator; it's time to slough away the old and nourish the new. Moisturise; copiously and blissfully anoint your precious body with Cherish skin repair elixir which is infused with 25 delicious botanicals and the heady aroma of neroli, patchouli, ylang and geranium. It's a sensual hug in a bottle that will make your skin glow with vitality.