Dont let your Karma become your Drama

Dont let your Karma become your Drama

We hear much about good and bad Karma, an aspect of the Buddhist and Hindu teachings. Its interesting how many elements of Eastern philosophy have been absorbed into our modern vocabulary. Essentially, Karma is energy, it's not good or bad, it's the intention with which it is used (for every action, there's a reaction), a law of consequence for an action. This could be verbal, mental, or physical, it's not just about the act but the intention behind it. Most of us have heard the old adage, 'As you sow, so shall you reap.' which relates to our past thoughts and actions and the negative repercussions or positive blessings they manifest.

The truth is that every experience can be viewed as an opportunity or a problem, it is how you choose to approach it, and your reaction is where the nub of Karma lies. The other important word here is responsibility, which most of us view as a burden. But if we flip it, you could say it is your response-ability, meaning how you choose how to respond. This suddenly offers choices; you step out of being a victim, you own your actions, and it becomes empowering.

The choices and how you handle things create your future; whether your action bears fruit or creates more drama is entirely up to you. These are decisions often fuelled by old memories and beliefs, new and old grudges, held on to hurts and wounds. The trick is to unburden yourself from these old submerged threats, hidden in your composite library of old pain, it is this that we pull to the front of our minds when challenged similarly.

When we make good heart based choices, it generates a deep sense of inner comfort that is free of struggle. Conversely, if it’s driven by your Ego, you’re likely to feel tension or tightness in your solar plexus (your emotional brain), which is generally fed by a need to control, a feeling of fear or low self-esteem. When you make heart-centred choices, you create a better future outcome; you can do this by examining how your mind and thoughts are working. 

Review how you approach difficult situations, this is vital. Do you face it with anxiety or openness; are you firmly grounded in the present and in the moment? If you are constantly dipping into the past, you become stuck in old drama, which can generate even more drama whether its around stability, support or belonging, catalysed by financial insecurity, relationship or life in general. However, there is a choice, you could choose to take another course of action and try to break the cycle. Instead, why not celebrate, forgive, send love, feel compassion, free yourself and begin to balance the flow of your Karma.


Here is a little practice you could do to review where you are with your Karma, write out your responses to these prompts: 

How content do you feel currently?

Are there people who surround you that are not supportive?

How do you deal with difficult situations?

Are your choices being made with your heart or your Ego?

Are you able to take responsibility for your actions?

Is there anyone you can't forgive, and why?

Could you forgive them anyway?

Do you take time to nourish your spirit and sense of well-being?


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