Autumn Leaves begin to fall

Autumn Leaves begin to fall

In ancient times, the year was marked by the transition of seasons and moon phases. There was always an instinctive connection with nature. Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox (a Latin word that means equal). It's a time when night and day are roughly equal in length, a turning point where nights become longer and daylight shorter. Autumn has always been a time to pause, take stock, and prepare for the colder, darker times ahead. We see this ebbing reflected everywhere, in the trees whose vibrant green foliage turns to a glorious crown of burnished copper and gold, a last hurrah before they yield to the inevitable cycle of life.

We move into the internal and introverted energy of the moon, releasing the warmth and extrovert nature of spring and summer. This becomes a time for reflection, rest, solitude and a deeper connection to bring balance into your life. Falling on the Harvest Moon it is a time to review your harvest. The seeds you planted at the beginning of the year have been nurtured and ripened through Spring and Summer. Did they come to fruition? What bounty have you collected, completed, understood fully and transformed?

This is a time to open your arms and give gratitude (even though the year may have been challenging). If your eyes are more open, you are kinder to yourself and those around you, you've taken action, broken a cycle and have a new perspective. Whatever it may be, have gratitude for both the material bounty (we sometimes take for granted) and emotional growth. We are enough, there is enough - scarcity doesn't live here anymore! 

However things have landed for you, take time to acknowledge and celebrate this midpoint of the year, welcome in the energy shift and prepare your body by doing a simple soup cleanse for two or three days; plan a boosted supplement regime to prepare your body for the colder months ahead. There may be a project or craft you've wanted to get into, or simply read some soulful books, switch off the phone, find inspiration, and reconnect with your compass. 


Turn inward, take a few breaths and connect with your heart (maybe place your hand over it while you centre and connect); how do your body and spirit feel? Write this down, letting out whatever needs to flow out.


Now, take a look at the landscape of your life. Has it been too busy, bumpy, or smooth running, meandering with twists and turns? Did you have a chance to watch the flowers grow? Are you happy with the outcomes? If not, what small tweaks could you take to improve things? Write this down.

Now connect with your body, scan it with gentlness. Is there something it's asking you for? Write this down too allowing time for deeper reflection.

'No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.'
– John Donne.