Therapie Treatments

Our products work beautifully on their own or in synergy with other products within the range - we encourage you to work with our products to find the best combination that works for you. We have also designed a series of Treatments for you to immerse yourself in, each created around a specific challenge you might encounter from your everyday life.  

Treatment Kits

You can use our THERAPIE collections and Treatment product groupings as inspiration for creating your own or you can purchase them in the form of Treatment Kits. Each of these kits comes packaged in an elegant box, together with instruction for an easy Daily Immersion practice as well as a more structured Deep Immersion ritual. They also make lovely gifts for you to share with your cherished ones. 

Folly Mews Therapie Sanctuary

If you are in the London area, you might also be interested in the idea of an in-person Treatment Session in our Folly Mews Therapie Sanctuary (tucked away in a quiet little enclave off Portobello Road). Treatment Sessions are either with one of our experienced Therapists or with our Founder Michelle Roques O’Neil (although please note that we generally have a very long waiting list for a treatment with the much-sought-after healing hands of Michelle).  You can read more about our Folly Mews Therapie Sanctuary here.

Therapie Video Consultations

As an alternative to an in-person session, we run online THERAPIE Video Consultations which can be a wonderful way for you to get to know the range and for our team to prescribe a bespoke set of products and practice designed around your unique personal requirements. Find out more here.