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Forbes review of Michelle Roques-O'Neil

Forbes review of Michelle Roques-O'Neil

Healing with Michelle Roques-O’Neil And Therapie

In a fast paced world like you and I are in today, it’s hard to find a safe sanctuary where one can truly tune out, unwind and focus on total relaxation and healing. Tucked in behind the bushy greeneries and set in the heart of London’s charming and buzzing Notting Hill neighborhood, Michelle Roques-O’Neil’s energy healing studio Folly Mews Sanctuary is warmly inviting and unpretentious despite having treated many well-known clients.

Not only a trained aromatherapist but also a Reiki Master, a trained reflexologist, a sound and cranio-sacral therapist who has studied Native American rituals, numerology, shamanism, Taoist Qi Gong, SRT and the alchemy of essences, Roques-O’Neil offers one of the most spiritually profound and life-changing healing experiences currently available, globally, full stop. It’s no wonder her clients would describe a treatment with her as ‘like going on a retreat’. Pioneering ahead of her time, Roques-O’Neil has been promoting spiritual wellbeing with her bespoke treatments for over 40 years and has merged spirituality with beauty in her custom range, Therapie, which integrates reiki, vibrational numerology, and high-grade aromatherapy for instant mood-altering effects. The latest aromatherapeutic blend (Energy Drops) by Therapie is an energizing elixir which promises to invigorate every cell in the body via its complex and uplifting combination of essential oils. This essential oil blend also has the property of reducing inflammation and adrenal fatigue, and Damiana and Ylang Ylang both boost libido and liberate sensuality.