The Healing Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Bath

The Healing Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Bath
Taking a long restorative Himalayan Salt Bath is one of the most wonderful ways to unwind from the challenges of the day or week. Salt baths and salt soaks have been used over many centuries, the most popular of which in today’s culture is Pink Himalayan Salt, for its powerful healing and grounding properties. So why have these pretty salts, with their salmon-toned hue, gained so much popularity in recent years? We think that it’s because Pink Himalayan Salt positively brims with ‘feel-good minerals’, containing 86 of the 92 of the trace minerals found in your body naturally.  What this means is that they’re as efficacious for your physical wellbeing as they are for your mental health. So bathing in these salts can be a powerful  way of potentially restoring your mineral balance whilst ‘resetting’ your mind.  

At THERAPIE, we have been enthusiastic fans of the virtues of Pink Himalayan Salt baths for many years, researching and understanding their versatility and many healing benefits. Himalayan salt baths have a multitude of therapeutic properties: they aid a restorative deep sleep when you feel dispersed and overextended, they are said to cleanse the body of physical toxins and reduce tiredness, easing stress and balancing the emotions. Their purported soothing anti-inflammatory qualities are said to help to calm the skin and soothe joint pain. As you can see, the list of benefits is long! 

Our combination of aromatherapy and therapeutic know-how has helped us to find the optimum combination of ingredients to ‘enhance the body’s energetic balance’ when creating our Himalayan Detox Salts, infused with an emotionally-grounding and restorative blend of essential oils and powdered amethyst crystal to try to help dispel negativity and irritability’ and collectively enhance your healing experience immensely. 

We’ve specifically harnessed the unique balancing  and regenerative properties of Himalayan Detox Salts in a conscious beauty ritual based on the concept of ‘spiritual bathing’. This ritual offers a beautiful way to ease and soothe physical inflammation and release ‘emotional toxins’ (in the form of scented purification ritual). At the same time as being a vital reboot for your energy the ritual is equally calming for the mind and a great space in which to set new intentions. 

Because of the powerful ‘releasing’ effect that occurs during a salt bath, Founder Michelle Roques-O’Neil recommends taking your Himalayan Salt bath in the evening, to get the most out of the deep detoxification and relaxation that it evokes. The recuperative delights of immersing yourself fully into the healing synergy of THERAPIE’s Himalayan Detox Salts will ease and calm your body and mind, helping promote a peaceful night’s sleep.