Your Mind is the Most Powerful Tool You Have

Your Mind is the Most Powerful Tool You Have

However you choose to view the general atmosphere that has enveloped the world we have to understand that thoughts have energy and the collective has the power to either galvanise or paralyse.

The mantra of modern anxiety is paralysing, it can strip away your sense of power... leaving you feeling impotent and overwhelmed by events at large and your ability to respond (RESPONSE-ABILITY) becomes diminished. We feel and become victimised and helpless, external instability and worry informs your sense being rather than your heart. The constant whirr of negative dialogue broadcasts daily with updates on the hour, for this reason it is more important than ever to be mindful of your thoughts and preoccupations. Worry causes us to become anxious, we can become adrenalised and stressed and our immune function becomes depressed.

Every thought you have manifests in your body, for this reason it’s very important to send yourself and your body positive messages. There are different ways to do this, It could be by being kind to yourself through affirming self talk, this could be as simple as having gratitude for being alive, able to walk and talk, have food on your table, that you are safe and healthy. Another way is to accept life’s natural flow, this means accepting current circumstances and living life in the moment and making the very best of it, your approach and attitude is key here.

As you become more aware of the messages you are sending your body, you may become more aware of your negative internal chatter and the detrimental effect it has on your sense of self. Paying attention to your body is vital, it sends you messages all the time, especially when you are challenged by illness, a sense of imperfection, failure, discomfort or fear. At these times it is very important to listen to these messages with compassion and take time to stop and reset your body tuning by focusing on inner peace, love, positivity and acceptance. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have, sending your body positive healing messages will raise your body’s frequency and strengthen your life-force.