Tune Out, Tune Up

Tune Out, Tune Up

You are blessed with one of the most sophisticated early warning systems, your Aura or energy field. Physical problems can often appear in your energy field before you actually feel them. Your mind is a fantastic healer, and the mind and body work as a unified system. Stagnant energy is often created by stress. Anxiety and worry are often the root causes of emotional turmoil, leading to physical blocks that can progress to acute or chronic illness if not dealt with.  

Wholeness is vital; it activates your body's natural healing capacity and allows the body to organise itself in response to the whole. Our bodies have incredible healing capacity, and energy medicine has a considerable ability to heal. This is because your cells respond to waves more readily than particles. They communicate through energy, known as electrical potential differentiation. In fact, you instigate a biological upgrade by increasing energy; Qi or Prana = life force. 90% of illness's root causes are stress-related.

So, many of us are stuck in survival mode, which depletes your energy and switches your self-organisation off. A 2020 study showed that the average person has around 6.5 thoughts per minute, that's roughly six thousand daily, and 90-95% are fixated on adverse outcomes. This natural negative bias has a significant impact your mood, relationships and performance. Our past hurts are stored in our cellular memory, which can affect our emotional state and can cause us to project fears into the future. It's easy to fall into the trap of constantly thinking about adverse events or hurts instead of focusing on positive thoughts and affirmations. By doing this, you lose touch with your heart centre, a place of calmness that can help reduce anxiety fostering greater insight and compassion. 

To avoid this, it's essential to cultivate a positive mindset by practising mantras and affirmations regularly. Essential oils, which are cellular in their makeup, work directly on the body, mind and emotions to promote healing and balance. Try meditation or breath work daily to connect with your heart centre. To help you focus on your past experiences with gratitude and appreciation, you can use Restore Aura spray before you start or Slumber pillow spray before bed. These sprays bring a beautiful, positive and healing energy into your present moment, inspiring you and giving you a vision for the future. If you ever feel hopeless or out of balance, you can use Cocoon Bath Oil or Equilibrium Bath & Body Oil while bathing to create a beautiful sanctuary to reflect. And when you're physically exhausted, try Himalayan Detox Salts to help you feel rejuvenated.

“A major contributor to the genesis of many diseases... is an overload of stress induced by unconscious beliefs. If we would heal, it is essential to begin the painfully incremental task of reversing the biology of belief we adopted very early in life. Whatever external treatment is administered, the healing agent lies within. 
Gabor Mate