The Perfect Bath

The Perfect Bath


Believe it or not, your bath can be too hot; two sure signs that it's too hot are that you shouldn't have to edge your way into the tub, and you certainly shouldn't be sweating, even if a hot bath feels comfortable. 

There are some real negatives when you take piping hot baths; if the water is too hot, it strips your skin's natural emollients and your skin will dry out faster, which isn’t optimal, especially if you suffer from skin allergies like exzema. It can also lower your blood pressure significantly, and in the long term, affect your circulation, skin and vein elasticity.

Studies have shown that too much heat in a bath can affect the efficacy of essential oils and make them evaporate more quickly. 

The perfect bath temperature is said to be around 105° F or 40° C, which is just above body temperature. No problem if you don't have a thermometer to hand as per a royal butler or maid. Just hold your wrist, not your hand, in the water. If it's comfortable, it's the perfect temperature. There are many health benefits too; a warm bath releases and relieves tired muscles and promotes good sleep, reducing stress levels, blood pressure and improves your overall heart health.