Take a moment

Take a moment

March signifies the transition from winter to spring. The Spring equinox on the 20th is the exact transit point. Symbolically spring is a time to sow new seeds (intentions) for the new year. First, however, it's an excellent time to review the last year's landscape, the bumps and the smooth sailing, celebrate achievements, acknowledge mistakes and work out how to let go of unnecessary luggage. 

Most gardeners will generally do three things at this time of year, a hard prune, then nourish and compost the soil and pot up bulbs. In a way, we need to do something similar; let's call it productive decluttering. First, trimming the dead wood (habits and stuff) and letting go of old hurts to create space to heal and strengthen, then focusing on seeds (ideas) to be planted and nurtured. 

These old hurts hold you and the culprit captive, unable to move forward. One has to ask, how long do you hold on to these hurts? Suppose we believe everything is in a constant state of movement and vibration, part of a natural flow. What does holding on, no matter what, do? You can become stuck, fixed in unhelpful patterns of behaviour and beliefs.

In the spirit of moving forward and clearing the weeds, a powerful technique developed by Tina Branch called RAIN is a practice of radical compassion to help you sift through, understand and take steps to release and move forward:

Recognise what is going on;

Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;

Investigate with interest and care;

Nurture with self-compassion.

"Don't turn away.

Keep your gaze on the bandaged place.

That's where the light enters you."

~ Rumi