Peace begins with a smile.

Peace begins with a smile.

It's said that seriousness is an accident of time; if you like, it's the ego feeling sorry for itself, which can be very draining. Conversely, looking for the positive in any situation helps lighten things up. That doesn't mean being flippant; instead, you look for the opportunity to change.

Trying to see the goodness in everyone is easier said than done; it asks for a fundamental shift in attitude that fosters peacefulness and acceptance. This can be hard to find if we cannot disarm the pain within ourselves first. When we resort to anger and retribution, it creates internal toxicity and inner conflict. 

Constantly being focused on outcomes stops you from living in the moment, we can become stuck or is that just complacency, an unwillingness to change? Adopting a less fixed attitude helps you to be more spontaneous. Anger and fear are contracting and crystallises pain, and when we meet our hurt with hurtfulness and inflammation, it creates more suffering. And we regress automatically; we block the natural cosmic flow of LOVE, which nourishes expansiveness. 

Right living calls for non-violence, whether verbal or non-verbal. It starts with kindness to ourselves; it requires empathy, compassion, rest and nourishment. So can you switch off your mind and allow it to rest? Peace in your body and mind creates positive change.

Simple Antidotes for shifting energy:

I will be more spontaneous and less fixed.

I will shake out the stresses and get things flowing.

I will laugh more.

I will smile with greater frequency at others and inwardly at myself.

I will dance around the house once a week uninhibitedly.

I will watch more comedies and less dramas.

I will let go of old grudges; imagine tying them to a balloon and releasing them.