Listen to your body

Listen to your body

Burnout is more common than you think - for so long, our lives have been measured by how much we achieve daily, often to the detriment of our physical and mental health. But, sometimes it's hard to recognise the signs of burnout when you are in the midst of it. Burnout doesn't happen suddenly; it's not an on-off switch; it's insidious and chips away at your personal attributes and habits. The warning signs will be there, but it is whether you're paying attention. 

What does it feel like?

If you're feeling less motivated, constantly thinking about work (the never-ending to-do list), have a shorter fuse, are finding it hard to focus, or are skimping on your hygiene rituals (like not removing makeup), maybe feeling exhausted and constantly rundown with tummy upsets, colds or headaches, these can be some symptoms of burnout. Also binging on the wrong food, drugs and alcohol or checking out with Netflix or games don’t help. All of the above means that you're running out of steam, and along with the psychological impact, your body is sinking into chronic stress, which lowers your immunity.

Seed change

Recently, high-pressure businesses have even begun to understand that schedules and expectations driven by fear may not be a way to retain a motivated and content workforce - acknowledging that happiness and emotional equilibrium are essential to a more harmonious, happy workforce, a shift towards being heart-centred is transformative and has reduced burnout.

What can you do?

To heal, you may have to pull back and review where you are. You can do this through daily journaling to become aware of obsessive thought patterns, habits and the beliefs driving them. (This is one of the best ways to decompress the brain and clear the mental clutter).

Supplements - When you're in a debilitated state, it can be hard to absorb nutrition, so try and receive a good percentage through natural liquid sources like bone broth, juicing and smoothies - not too sweet as you don't want to push your glycemic level to high. 

  • Wild Nutrition - Daily essentials for women and men supplements as directed with meals.
  • Wild Nutrition - Organic protein superfood powder - try drinking smoothies with oat or almond milk, fruit (berries) and a spoonful of nut butter.
  • Wild Nutrition takes the guesswork out with these daily essentials for Men and Women.

Rituals of self-care care - try an aromatherapeutic bath, which can offer instant fortification and a time to unwind from the day's demands.

Breath - Try a 2-minute breath reset every hour to reduce stress levels, time away from the blue light emitted from our devices is a way to balance your vagus nerve. Using aromatherapy will enhance this by 100%.

If motivation and focus are an issue, have these two aromatic wonders on speed dial for the perfect desktop rescue. 

THERAPIE LIFE Crystal Clear Smelling Salts - to keep you focused.

THERAPIE LIFE Energy Drops - increases motivation and optimism.

Body Brush - To stimulate lymphatic flow.

THERAPIE LIFE Boost Natural Body Wash - Invigorating morning pick me up. 

Mini Resets - Stop for 5 minutes every hour and take a short break. First, shake the body out, bouncing gently on the heels, releasing shoulders for 3 minutes, then sit down and do some deep vagal breathing for 2 minutes.

THERAPIE LIFE Comfort Warming Rub - Apply to the back of your neck to release tension and on the lower back; the effect is instant.