Holiday Bliss

Holiday Bliss

Holiday time again! It's incredible how the sun's warming rays become an internal prompt for wanderlust. So often, the prelude to our summer break can be too hectic as we shoehorn every task on our growing to-do list before we leave. Of course, one can appreciate the compulsion to dot every "i" and cross every 't'; the downside, however, is the energy investment leaves you ragged and frayed with your eyelids drooping….      

With all tasks done, tick! - the reality of your already stretched nervous system must cope with the trials of the JOURNEY. Bolstering yourself, you negotiate the ever surging tides of holidaymakers and the contortions of on-flight travel, and then... the tranquillising euphoria of a G&T or Prosecco.... that suddenly officially heralds you are on holiday. 

Could there be a better way to embark on your holiday?… arrive fresh, relaxed and not frazzled or wrung out. Instead of feeling like this, perhaps, engage in mindful prep. Acknowledge that loose ends need to be tied. But with a soupcon of self-care in the lead-up to your hols.


Wake early with a cup of hot water and lemon; use this as a time to destress the myriad of big and small preoccupations; try writing handwriting three pages as quickly as you can; this is about offloading.... believe me, it helps. End this morning ritual with 10 minutes of deep abdominal breathing to release and ground your energy. 

Use your shower as a symbolic shedding. Start with a brisk body brush; it takes a few minutes (once the skin feels energised, it's time to move on to the next section), about 3-5 minutes. Next, take a revitalising shower with Boost Hair & Body wash; then complete this ritual with an indulgent anointing of Cherish Skin Repair Elixir; this will nourish and condition the skin and build up some natural SPF. Its sensual aroma of Ylang Ylang, Neroli and geranium keeps you in good spirits all day long. 


A month before, start building up your hydration and vitamin A with a daily juice of Carrot, Cucumber, Celery and Apple. If you are busy, why not incorporate some berries, avocado, almond butter, and oat milk sweetened with Maple syrup


Have some early nights, starting with a relaxing soak in Equilibrium Bath and Body Oil to centre and ground you; you can also use this in the morning if your day needs you to stay calm. This simple rooting is handy, keeps your mind free of worry, and will help you maintain a healthy balance.

On board

In-flight, use some Restore Aura Spray, a beautiful soothing infusion of wild Rose and Frankincense, calming crystals and cooling extracts, and a few deep breaths with each spritz. Dehydration is common on a flight or when you are in the sun. Regular spritzes will ensure skin and mind are quenched. 

My second suggestion is Calm Balm; a sublime travel companion, it will waft away any stresses and surround you in a bubble of bliss. This heavenly pomade is infused with Frankincense for protection, Neroli to sedate and Lavender and Fragoni to keep body, spirit and soul in tune. Before you know it, you're at the journey's end; carry these pocket-sized soothers until you reach your destination.

If you're Jetlagged, take a 100g sachet of Himalayan Detox Salts to ensure a deep restorative sleep, there's enough for 3 baths - and beautiful Cherish Skin Repair Elixir continues its usefulness as a skin saviour. This excellent after-sun salve carries the aroma of optimism, while Restore Aura Spray remains constant in this travel odyssey. 

And there you are, you have arrived, cheerful, with not a trace of a sniffle or tension and ready to chill.

Native American saying:

We cannot fly if we are attached
to our nest of familiarity.
We can never view the mountain
if we never take the risk 
to soar on your own.