Clean Space, Clear Mind

Clean Space, Clear Mind

Do you ever walk into a place where the vibe doesn't feel right? Or walk around an empty space and feel cold depressive energy or even feel you are being watched? Have you ever thought why that might be?

In my professional capacity, I’ve worked with harmonising people for years, to release the inhibitors and wrappings that disrupt their natural flow. Sure, imbalance can be due to physical factors, but often, there are deeply embedded patterns, some inherited, some environmental and some karmic. I have clients who have every new business space cleansed, Feng Shui’ed, and blessed to enhance the customer experience and cultivate success.

Frankincense has always been something I’ve burnt to clear my flat from my Micheline Arcier days, it was a weekly ritual in her clinic to remove accumulated energies often released during treatments, it has continued to be an invaluable tool for me while creating a great atmosphere.

Since training as a Reiki Master, I’ve become fascinated by the energetics of spaces and how to heal them. I’ve always used the Reiki symbols to boost and cleanse the energy in my treatment room, finding that there can be a residual build-up of energy that need to be cleared especially in a hired room. It's like preparing a space for healing, and people always respond positively and talk about the serene, spiritual atmosphere. I fell into space clearing or house cleansing almost by accident really.... one of my clients talked to  me about a property they had developed and just could not sell, and I said I could look at it and try to clear it and lift the energy of the space - I decided I would simply apply the same principles I used to clear and balance people: listen, sense, assess, cleanse, heal and protect. Alongside these I use smudging tools, sound and space clearing mists. 

When I arrived at their house I began by walking the room or grid to feel for high and low energy, blocks and malevolent vibes etc. Once I established what needed to be worked on, I worked systematically through the whole house. Cleansing and then lifting and sealing in good vibes. Interestingly, the negativity generators turned out to be a painting in the lounge and the entire basement - we forget that digging down often disturbs the energetics of the land (in London and big cities especially); remember houses have been built along train lines, rivers and burial sites. - as my client’s dog Boo could attest to as he stared worriedly out into the garden and restlessly paced all the time I was there, I was delighted to hear that three days later, they sold the house.

Since then, I've cleared gyms, a five-star hotel in the Cotswolds, four central London restaurants in Soho and Mayfair, and several happier houses. I currently work with a Reiki student who is an architect, he asked if I would clear a project that he was working on before the building started because he felt it had bad energy, so we did, to a significant effect. With some lovely feedback from the owner since it's been habitable, she said that the space had a tangible spiritual feel. We often forget that buildings and rooms absorb the vibrations of their inhabitants and what occurs within them, like a holographic imprint that impregnates the fabric of the space or building and can, affect the ambience of the building, as well as the health and efficiency of the people who live or work within.

I genuinely believe that cleansing and preparing not only your living but also your workspace is essential for wellbeing. So if you feel unsettled, agitated, tired, depressed or have problems sleeping, it may not just be you; it could be down to the energetic factors of your surroundings. Equally, all these factors could apply to a workplace. Investing in a conducive atmosphere is a priority for your soul, family, employees and customers.