All you need is Love

All you need is Love

It's July! This is birthday season in the Roques-O”Neil family, one cusp straddling Cancer and Leo and the other at the end of July. The influence of Cancer near us creates an altogether more emotionally sensitive Leo character which correlates with the current astrological themes.

Let's look at the current celestial wellness and the aspects at work throughout July. Did anyone feel that June was quite emotionally challenging? Then don't be surprised if you find this theme ramping up in July. Let me explain; it all concerns a diva called Venus (The LOVE planet) who's been in pre-retrograde since June 19th, so its potent energy has been building. Do you feel you're living your best life? Feel all loved up (whether by those around you and how you treat your self)? Does your cup feel rich and full or depleted? This is your opportunity to review and reflect.

Even though technically Venus is not in retrograde till the end of the month (July 22nd till September 3rd), its been in astrological line of sight for awhile as one of the most significant transits. It only occurs every 18 months, and this time in heart-centred Leo.
Leo's influence revolves around characteristics like creativity, mastery and skills, ego, honour, dignity and pride; the general vibe is to look at the value you place on material assets and relationships, your expectations and how you enjoy and find joy. It stimulates a re-evaluation of your approach to love for yourself and others. Whatever turns up for you, view it as a new phase of evolution in expressing yourself and cultivating the life you visioned.

Take time to review, and have a notebook handy to dump emotional toxicity. Don't dwell. Just release and express all that comes up.

Take daily baths in a Cocoon bath (when sad), Protect Bath (when vulnerable), Himalayan Detox salts  (when exhausted and your mind won't switch off), Equilibrium Bath Oil  (when you feel hyper). Water is a magical medium for absorbing negativity.

Try meditating with your breath; after a couple of deep sighs to release tension start breathing in and out through the nose extending the in-breath and the out-breath each time with a little pause between each cycle. After a while bring your attention to the heart and use the breath to soften and legit e love. As thoughts come in acknowledge them and let them go. As you reflect on the heart bring a soft smile to your heart and face and if you feel like it repeat the mantra “Shanti Hum” with each in and out breath.

Crystal Helper
Rose Quartz stone is vital to both the heart and throat chakras. It doesn't simply dwell on romance. Rose Quartz transmits all kinds of love, from healing how we communicate with family to building a deeper connection with spouses and friends and can even sweeten our sense of self-care and self love.

Shanti Hum (I am at peace)
I radiate peace and calmness. I bring peace to all around me. I am in control of emotions and feelings. I emit love and love is what comes to me in every possible form.