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Michelle Roques O-Neil Soothe Body Oil

On a hormonal rollercoaster? One of the most gifted therapists we’ve ever surrendered to for a treatment has a new body oil, designed to target and ease painful periods and tackle hormonal surges, ‘stimulating blood circulation by clearing internal stagnation and helping to sedate fractious nerves and emotional lows,’ as Michelle Roques O-Neil puts it.

How so? A slew of botanicals, that’s how. Cooling geranium, famously steadying lavender, sedative hemp, uterine tonic clary sage, dill (to stimulate, revitalise and balance), along with chaste tree berry (renowned in herbalist circles for helping to minimise cramps, breast pain and period-related swelling), and armoise (naturally analgesic – plus it works to boost energy while calming nerves).

Skin is nurtured with the blend of myriad oils including avocado, açai, apricot kernel, jojoba and thistle oils, together with soothing oat extract. Crystals are placed in the oil to steep for 10 days, with the aim of ‘vibrationally charging’ the blend – citrine for inner strength, moonstone to bring strong energy to the reproductive system, and labradorite, said to be good for PMS and painful periods, but also chosen, explains Michelle, ‘Because it’s a magical and protective stone ideal for when we feel too open and vulnerable.’

If all that’s just a little too woo-woo for you (or you’re lucky enough to feel ‘hormonally balanced), trust us: we also just love this for the wonderfully grounding smell, and the super-nourishing texture. And who couldn’t use a little extra soothing, pretty much any time?

£18 for 30ml/£38 for 100ml – buy here