Strategies for Lifting the Spirit

Strategies for Lifting the Spirit

In these times of adversity, we can find sanctuary in re-evaluating our lives and taking gentle action to live in a more conscious way. Here are some of our favourite ways of honouring and embracing stillness and soft reflection….


Journaling can be a place to express and explore your feelings and ideas in their rawest state, unfiltered and unedited-the best time to do these is first thing in the morning. By committing to this as a daily ritual you create a space in which to voice irrational feelings but also to explore buried frustrations and worries. It can also be a creative resource where you can explore ideas and dreams.

A Focus on Quality

Again here is a wonderful opportunity to connect deeper with friends and loved ones, making time for proper exchange and conversation. Reach out to people that you previously didn’t have time to chat too and enjoy the intimacy of sharing.

The Beauty of Walking

Wonderful on many levels, it takes you outside, keeps you healthy, exposes you to vitamin D3 and activates serotonin, which lifts your spirit. Two 30-minute rhythmic walks a day gets your mind and body circulating. Don’t stick to the same route, explore and be present, take in the landscape. Its also a great time to listen to some inspiring podcasts, poetry or audio-books.

Digital Detox

Instead of social media connecting you to life, try an unplugged day. Be creative, give yourself complete freedom to love bomb yourself with pursuits you love and loved and have forgotten. Put on your music dance, move, sing, express. If you're too 'hyper' then grounding pursuits like reading or cooking by mastering the zen of: sourdough, Kombucha, fermenting, Kefir or Kimchee. Use old papers and magazines to make a collage, use it as a vehicle to explore your feelings. Embrace time away from the screen and support yourself in a conscious moment of Digital Detox

Treat Yourself to a Treatment

If you'd like a little bit of dedicated TLC from the THERAPIE team, who are available via video consultation to help you navigate through our collection of products and services and can help you to create a fully bespoke, supportive treatment blueprint, designed just for you.